Our approach to working with individuals and families has always been built upon a solid understanding of their real-life circumstances, needs and objectives. Whether it's sending children to college, retiring comfortably, or establishing a legacy- whatever the goal, we have the expertise to develop strategies that make sense for our clients both financially and personally.

Each client relationship begins with an initial no obligation consultation, which is usually in person and is designed for us to get to know each other, so I gain a better understanding of your goals and objectives. We get to know you as an individual and will focus on different areas of your life, such as family, interests, goals/fears and assets/liabilities. When this meeting is complete, we will create an illustration that depicts the next step.

We analyze and evaluate many aspects of your financial situation and make detailed recommendations for strategies that leverage your assets to meet your goals.

Our Process

1. Getting Acquainted Meeting: We offer a complimentary consultation, so we get to know each other, ask questions and understand your goals and objectives.

2. Gathering Data: We'll ask you for financial information to analyze your current situation 

3. Analyzing and evaluating your financial status: We will review your financial information to assess your situation before we consider what can you do to meet your goals

4. Presenting your financial plan: We will present recommendations designed to address you unique goals and priorities, based on the information you provided.

5. Implementing the recommendations: We will create an action plan to implement the recommendations.

6. Monitoring your portfolio: We'll monitor your portfolio periodically to make sure you are on track towards your goals.